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Expert insurance brokers in Niagara at your service

Choosing life insurance for you and your dear ones can be very difficult. With so many policies and companies available in the market, it can be challenging to apply for a policy that meets your financial needs. That’s where we come in. You can contact our team of professional insurance brokers at Inslyf brokerage for help. We will note down all your needs and then assist you in identifying the perfect insurance scheme that meets your needs. Working out of Niagara, we serve both domestic and business clients across the region. We also have several branches located across the country.

A few reasons why you should choose an insurance broker in Niagara

Even if you have comprehensive knowledge about the different insurance schemes and policies available in the market, you should consider hiring an insurance broker. Why you may ask, here are some reasons just for you, have a look:

  • Your insurance broker would be working with several companies, meaning they will have access to numerous policies. They can compare them and find the best policy for you. You will not have to worry about quite comparisons as to how much coverage you would need. The broker will take care of it for you.

  • Our insurance brokers at Inslyf Brokerage will always keep in touch with you, sharing the latest updates about the policy you’re looking for, how the application process is going and understanding your financial condition.

  • Insurance brokers can help you with your claim as well. When you hire an insurance broker, you will not have to keep tabs on whether your insurance claims are being processed quickly. Your broker can expedite the process as well.

  • A broker deals with all aspects of insurance and premiums, and this matter can create a bond of trust and security between the broker and you as they handle all your personal information.

  • They can help you with legal disputes too.

Want to know more? You can contact Inslyf Brokerage in Niagara for all the details concerning the policies that you are looking for.

What we offer at Inslyf brokerage:

Life insurance: Life insurance can be looked at as a financial tool that secures your and your family’s financial future. You can choose between the two options we have to offer :

  • Permanent Life insurance:

    The policy that offers coverage for your entire lifetime, or as long you can pay the premiums. It has a built-in cash component that can be used as a savings vehicle. You will be pleased to know that this component grows over time, and you can withdraw from it at any time you want.

  • Term Life insurance:

    The term of this policy can be anywhere between 20 and 50 years. One of the primary advantages of this policy is that if the policyholder passes away, the nominated beneficiaries can use the payout for clearing loans, dues, and funeral expenses and clearing the primary mortgage if it is pending.

  • Critical illness insurance policy:

    This insurance scheme offers coverage for all treatment costs for life-threatening diseases such as cancer and cardiac arrest. The primary goal of this insurance is to endure that policyholder focuses more on recovery rather than worrying about finances.

  • Disability insurance policy:

    This policy is ideal for anyone who is not able to work due to any physical disability. The coverage can help them and their family with monthly expenses.

  • Health and dental:

    This insurance scheme is perfect if you need coverage for emergency medical services in your home country or while travelling abroad. Prescription drugs and medical equipment are covered as well.

Our team can help with the paperwork for all the above policies and see to it that you get an affordable premium rate while meeting your requirements. We are based in Niagara.