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Insurance for business

Secure the future for those, who build your business

Insurance for business- for employers who what the best for their employees

If you are an employer, you would already know how important it is for daily operations to run as smoothly as possible; and to do that, you would need a team who is willing to deliver the results that you expect. Generally, you will be paying them a salary to ensure they work as they promised they would but nowadays that’s not enough. Other than a paycheck, your employees would want assurances that in case they are not able to work for a while, some of their expenses are covered and that’s where group insurance policies come in. As an employer, you can make your team members part of a group insurance plan that comes with several benefits. Contact InsLyf Brokerage for all the details you need to know, schedule an appointment today.

Extensive range of insurance products for your employees

One of the major reasons behind an employee leaving the company can be because he or she is not getting better benefits. You can change that by including the following plans in their package when they join for you.

  • Healthcare plan: Healthcare plans are important as they bridge the gap between the provisional health insurance plan and the coverage needed by your employee and their family members.
  • Disability programs: Alongside workplace wellness programs, disability management programs can not only help your organization improve employee health but also limit absenteeism and enhance your recruitment and retention strategies. It can have an effect on reducing rising benefit costs too.
  • Group life insurance: Offering complete coverage for participants, spouses and dependants life insurance can act as a financial safety net and offer peace of mind upon the death or dismemberment of the participant or their family members.
  • Dental care: Offering dental care can be an attractive incentive as general dental services are very expensive.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment benefits: This policy offers protection in the event of accidental death, loss of limb or any qualified injury resulting from an accident.

Reap the benefits of group retirement plans as well

As an employer, you can create a group Registered Retirement Savings Plan. Your employee would have a separate account the funds will be automatically transferred to this account after getting deducted from the employee’s paycheck. Additional benefits of group retirement plans include:

  • Comprehensive coverage for your employee with flexibility for you to make changes based on your business needs
  • The plan can cover dental care, life insurance policies, disability management programs, which will make it all the more attractive for new joiners
  • It can help in reducing absenteeism
  • Group insurance policies help in retain employees as well and can be an incentive for employees to provide excellent service.
  • This is an affordable solution since it is covered by a large group of people, the risks are reduced and the premium becomes economical

Speak with our team for tailored plans

It’s one of the major benefits of working with InsLyf Brokerage. All you have to do is share your requirements with us and we can customize a plan that would meet them. You may have to provide some important documents for the paperwork to complete but for everything else, we will take care of it. For further details, schedule an appointment with us today.

To find out more about group plans for your business, contact InsLyf Brokerage today.