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Group Insurances

Secure the future for those, who build your business

Group Benefits

Group plans are built and designed to keep your coverage simple, effective and responsive to changes to your business and in your industry. Now you can get comprehensive coverage suitable to your industry segment while having the flexibility to make changes to reflect the evolving needs of your business.


Healthcare Plans

Healthcare Benefits are important and attractive features of any group benefits plans. We help bridge the gap between the provisional health insurance plan and the coverage needed by your member and their families.


Wellness And Disability Program

Workplace wellness and disability management programs can help your organization improve employee health, limit absenteeism and enhance your recruitment and retention strategies, and reduce rising benefit costs.



Employees identify dental coverage as one of the most valued benefits, but a dentist visit can be expensive. Dental benefits will save your employees from high costs and protect their dental health.

Group Insurances

Group Life Insurance

Life insurance offers coverage for participants, spouses and dependents. These products provide peace of mind upon the death or dismemberment of the participant or their family members by providing financial protection to the beneficiary.


Optional Life Insurance

Optional Life Insurance is term insurance that is above and beyond the Life Insurance already included in your Group Insurance Plan, and it's available to the insured and their spouse. Optional Life Insurance allows your employees to choose the amount of coverage that fits their families' needs.


Accidental Death And Dismemberment Benefit

Accidental death and dismemberment benefit offers protection in the event of accidental death, loss of limb or any qualified injury resulting from an accident.

Why select a Group Insurance Plan?

The main reason to opt for Group Insurance Plans is a hassle free approach to provide insurance cover at scale. These plans can be tailored to the employer needs or requirements. Members will receive more on benefits than buying individual policies. This is also an excellent way to attract and retain employees.

Why do Companies prefer group insurance plans?

Employee Satisfaction

Effective group plans and service, you could be sure of excellent service being provided to your employees

Competitive Pricing

Covered by large group of people, risk gets reduced and premium becomes economical.

Plan Administration

Claim process are faster and with less restriction

Higher Employee Retentionn

A powerful tool to attract and retain employees

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