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Why should you opt for Super Visa Insurance?

February 23, 2022

Why should you opt for Super Visa Insurance

When you think about bringing your parents or grandparents to  Canada, especially if you’re thinking long term, it comes with worries of visa renewals every 6 months. Not only that but a normal visitor visa takes a long time to process. Now, all these issues have already been solved by the Super Visa Insurance policy that was introduced by the Federal government near a decade ago. The paperwork for this scheme is processed quickly and it has several advantages over its counterpart. In this blog, we will discuss what these advantages are overall how they can help you choose this policy.

But first, let’s understand Super Visa

Canada has always been a hotspot for the global community to visit as a travel destination or to settle down due to its culture, job opportunities and education system. This is one of the reasons the country has a growing population of non-Canadians becoming permanent residents. However, their parents and grandparents are left behind in their native land and for them to visit Canada they had to apply for a visa that would only be valid for 6 months. Nonetheless, everyone did apply and the backlog for visa applications kept increasing; to resolve this issue the Canadian government introduce a new visa scheme that can not only be processed quickly but also is valid for a longer stay period- the Super Visa Policy. And with it came the Super Visa Insurance.

You see, one of the major criteria to be approved for a Super Visa is that the applicant has to have an insurance policy that would have a coverage of $100,000 for at least a year. The insurance policy has to be from a Canadian insurance company as well. Once that is done that visa would be processed and the applicant can book their tickets to the Maple Leaf Country.

Basically, Canada wants to ensure that you’re not going to be a financial burden on the publicly funded health system during your stay here. An insurance policy can sort that out as it will cover you for any medical needs you have when you’re in Canada.

The medical benefits that you should know of

Now, during your travel, you really don’t want to think about illnesses let alone think about visiting the emergency room. However, you should always be practical on these matters and make sure that you have a financial safety net around you so you are not worried if you need emergency medical funds. Super Visa Insurance can help you avert any financial crisis due to medical reasons. Whether you need to visit the emergency room or have to undergo a medical procedure, the insurance that you apply for can cover partial or full costs.

However, if you don’t have insurance from a Canadian company, your Super Visa application might be rejected. Also, since you won’t be covered by the government medical scheme here you will have to bear all the medical costs on your own and it can be very expensive.

I can get insurance from my native country

That might be a bad idea; getting a Super Visa Insurance from your own country can cause problems during transactions and Canadian medical facilities might not recognize the insurance company and the claim might be rejected. It’s always better to go with a Canadian company for ease of processing payments- your trip would be more peaceful for you in that way.

Put in a pre-existing health condition clause

This is something that you should have a look at when the paperwork for your Super Visa Insurance is being carried out. Make sure that you add a clause that your pre-existing health conditions should also be covered under the contract. By doing this, if you’re visiting a medical practitioner due to your pre-existing condition, it will be covered.

A wide range of medical conditions that are covered:

  • Emergency medical costs

  • Operational procedures

  • Hospital stays

  • Accident treatment

  • Repatriation

We hope this blog has given you enough reasons to opt for Super Visa Insurance. You can contact InsLyf Brokerage, Mississauga to resolve all your queries. With a team of  expert insurance brokers in Mississauga, they will be more than happy to help you.