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Critical Insurance

The need for having critical illness insurance cover can be realized from the fact when are diagnosed with a serious illness. Because of negligence and lack of pre-emptive health checkups, the diseases continue and later requires comprehensive treatment. With a critical illness insurance cover, you can easily avoid facing any financial burden while getting the necessary treatment.

Why do you need critical illness insurance?

The Critical Illness Insurance cover provides you financial security against various life-threatening health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, cancer etc. up to 25 illness. The critical illness insurance cover includes a lump sum payment in case you are diagnosed with a listed illness. This way, you can take care of healthcare and other miscellaneous expenses without draining your savings.
If illness or injury prevents you from doing your job, you can help make sure your income continues uninterrupted. Whether you are working full-time, part-time, or not at all, Disability Insurance can help you cover your expenses, replace your income, protect your retirement saving or pay out-of-pocket hospital costs.

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